Pink Minute
16 mm Narrative Film

Pink Minute is a short film I made in 2006 telling the story of Luisa, a young woman who decides to exercise her right to have an abortion. The film uses a number of genres—the musical, comedy, and sci-fi—to engage the issue of reproductive rights through the entertaining and poignant experience of one character.

Pink Minute premiered at the 2006 Brooklyn International Film Festival at the Brooklyn Museum, and has been honored with several screenings nationally since.

These are some excerpts from the film, featuring Abigail Browde as Luisa and Chris Giarmo as Curtis.

Please allow a moment for the videos to load.

Luisa takes the pregnancy test, with her best friend Curtis at her side.

A bizarre daydream Luisa has on the way to the clinic, illustrating her anxieties.

Luisa says good-bye to the embryo.

Luisa's final song.