Sunny + Benny Together Forever
Online Performance, Videos, & Installation

For one year I maintained two profiles on a popular breast-implant donation and social networking site: one profile as a "Model" named Sunny, and one as a "Benefactor" named Benny. On this site, (mostly) men offer small donations towards (mostly) women's breast implants in exchange for photos and videos that are usually pornographic. This year of online performance served as a kind of social research into this unique community, processed through my own analysis of gender, labor, and body politics. Sunny and Benny's adventures are chronicled in a coin-operated lecture, delivered at a rate of 25ยข per two minutes of lecture. The lecture slides are screen captures from Sunny and Benny's interactions on the site with eager Benefactors, sales-pitching models, and a few surprising friends. Their stories are also recounted in a series of videos, including a gender-morphing burlesque dance installed in a special coin-op booth.

Chest Hair

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