Concert Hall
Interactive Installation & Performance

Concert Hall was a collaborative, site-specific installation organized by Jean Barberis as part of the Palais de Tokyo's Nouvelles Vagues season of young curators. The structure, designed and built by the collective Rabid Hands (Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, Andrew Schrock, VNess WolfChild, and Ben Wolf) housed automated custom musical instruments by Nick Yulman and Ranjit Bhatnagar, which played scores by Yulman, Bhatnagar, Julien Gasc, and VNess WolfChild. The structure also included a kinetic light installation by maya.rouvelle, kaleidoscope projections which responded to the music by Frédéric Durieu, and an interactive floor projection, which was a collaboration between Prasad and Frédéric Durieu.

In addition to this projection, Prasad also created a participatory performance, Humming Humans, for the opening of the show. In this piece, viewers were asked to form a chain throughout the structure, each cupping their mouths between the shoulder blades of the person in front of them. From the end of the chain, VNess WolfChild started to hum a simple looping tune and each participant joined in as the hum reached their bodies. Musicians and audience became the same group; singing and listening became the same act.

Installation View Photo by Frédéric Durieu

Documentation of Your Shadow Dances:

Documentation of Humming Humans:
Performance View