performances in public space and video installation

This series of performances in public space, captured as video tableaux with a hidden camera, makes vivid the social codes of co-existence in urban space by breaking those codes with simple acts of physical touch. Reactions, refusals to react, and potent juxtapositions of the movements of the public enter the scene incidentally as the camera maintains its fixed, uncut view of the unfolding intimacy. An ongoing project initiated in 2012, these videos are accumulating as Prasad continues to stage scenes in the various cities she travels to.

Paris Metro from Sunita Prasad on Vimeo.

Paris Bank from Sunita Prasad on Vimeo.

NYC Cafe from Sunita Prasad on Vimeo.

NYC Park from Sunita Prasad on Vimeo.

Bangalore Bus Depot from Sunita Prasad on Vimeo.

Metro: Christophe Counil & Florent Ruppert
Bank: Philippe Pasquini & Julie Coutereau
Café: Andy Tesoro, Katherine Brook, & Joshua Gelb
Park: Nick Cregor & Serge Stephan
Bus Depot: Brinda Jacob & Milan Cariappa