Recitations not from memory
Video Installation

5 minute excerpt (full video available on request):

Installation views of table-top projections at the Sunview Luncheonette:

Installation View

Installation View

Recitations not from memory is the result of an experiment in listening to, reading, and speaking gendered experience in the Indian context, during a period of increased attention to gender discrimination within Indian public discourse. Through a search on social media and various listserves, I sought women who could be considered my socio-economic counterparts in India to participate in anonymous interviews about how they perceived their gender to have affected their personal experiences.

I traveled to Bangalore, one of the fastest growing metropolises in India, and enlisted the participation of men. Again I used social media to find my subjects. The men were asked to meet in small groups in settings suggestive of various social spaces in daily life: the office, the café, the home. The stories I had gathered from women were then loaded onto a teleprompter, and each man was asked to recite a series of experiences to the camera without prior rehearsal or preparation.

In the resulting video, women’s experiences in their own tellings are re-mapped onto men's performances and there raise questions of which experiences “belong” to which bodies.

Special thanks to Shivani Dogra, Kanika Gupta, Lynne Henry, Japleen Pasricha, Devika Shetty, and several anonymous women for sharing their stories.

Featuring: Jai Zende, Supreeth S., Nikhil Jois, Setu Kathavate, Nitin SJ, Govind Mohandas, Suresh Jayan, Vivek Chockalingam, Rajesh Krishnan, and Raghu Karnad

Camera: Aarthi Parthasarathy & Sunita Prasad
Location Sound: Sindhu Thirumalaisamy
Production Manager: Jean Barberis
Production Assistant: Awaneesh Raj
Teleprompter: Shrinivas

Locations thanks to: Atta Galatta Bookstore Café, Mygola, and T.A.J. & SKE Projects